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Tony E. Clausen

Energetic propagator and mentor

Tony Evald Clausen Energisk Formidler & Mentor


Tony E. Clausen has worked in sales all his life. His focus has been exports sales, establishing foreign sales offices, and sales turnaround for all kinds of businesses.

His value is in conveying knowledge and research in a usable way - and that behind everything he teaches is concrete experience and practice.

The foundation for his work is focused on human beings and what works at an individual level. Sales is far more human-oriented than we have been told.


Since 1996 he has studied and taught sales, marketing, human behaviour, and nonverbal communication. He has used these studies in his role as propagator, mentor, instructor, and lecturer.


Throughout his career, Tony has been Area Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Managing Director, Internal Sales Consultant og busboy. He has lived in England and France - and been responsible for sales offices and salespeople in Europe, the US, and Latin America. From 1996 - 2006, he travelled around the world for about 130 - 160 days every year, selling to all kinds of people and cultures.


Tony is an expert in behaviour, nonverbal communication, and emotional intelligence. He holds qualifications in:

Emotional Forensic Awareness

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

Emotional skills and competencies

Extented DiSC behavioral analysis

Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis 

Thomas International Emotional Intelligence TEIQ

Facial Action Coding System


This, along with his sales experiences, management roles and deep knowledge of human behaviour, enables him to provide others with a deep insight into understanding yourself, your customers and how to be an expert in selling.


Tony has a Post graduate with merit in Emotion, Credibility & Deception at University of Central Lancashire. He is renowned in Scandinavia for his personal and often provoking style. He has published the book "The reality of sales" in Danish and several more translations are in progress. Read more about Tony on his LinkedIn profile here! See all of Tony's certificates here.



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