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 We are the SalesPilots


Tony Evald Clausen Energisk Formidler & Mentor  
Tony Evald Clausen
Energetic disseminator & mentor
+ 45 20 16 62 50

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Lone Folke Bendstrup
Helping sales traffic controller
+45 41 21 41 21

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We love what we do - we do what we love 

SalesPilots is a sales training company, which helps you take your sales to new heights.


Sales is far more human-oriented than you might think. Sales is the finest kind of communication, because in the end the customer gives his or her money to you. At SalesPilots you get all the insight and tools you could possibly need to understand your customers and get to know yourself as a salesperson.


You discover new knowledge and tools, which increase your sales and ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied. You gain insight in buying- and selling behaviour, nonverbal communication, negotiation, how to close orders, and everything else that affects you and your customers. 


There are no easy solutions when it comes to great communication. And that goes for great communications in sales as well. There are only efficient solutions, and they always include concrete tools and hard work.

Make your hard sales work easier with SalesPilots, and your sales will increase. Use our experience in sales. We know what works in real life, and we share this knowledge in a developing, educational and entertaining manner.


You are only one decision from finding out what you and SalesPilots can create together!





The SalesPilots are known for the crusade of making the perception and execution af sales human, desirable and positive for both buyer and seller. SalesPilots is the natural choice of sales education and counseling, when you wish to improve in the craft of sales.

The SalesPilots are first and foremost known for focusing on helping the customer making a definite choice. Secondly, if that choice includes seller's product.

The SalesPilots spread the message that sales is a trade and a craft that people naturally respect. The SalesPilots make being in sales so safe that you gladly identify with being a salesperson. The SalesPilots spread the love for sale as a method to helping people make a choice.

Our core values are:

Our goals are:

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