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To sell is to help

We define sales as an exchange of surplus. Buyer and seller exchange surplus and cover each other's deficit. We help each other to get what we both need - to sell is to help.


I have milk but no honey. You have honey but no milk. You get some of my milk, and I get some of your honey. We have made a sale and helped each other.


Note that it is impossible to determine who was the seller and who was the buyer.

Every sale should leave both seller and buyer with the feeling that they got more than they gave. 


With SalesPilots you will be educated and trained to help the customer, and yourself, to the best buying- and selling experience possible.

You, sales, and the love


Your emotions have the greatest influence on your sales. If you feel good about yourself and the situation, you customer gets a great experience. Customers who have had great experiences return.


That is why we focus on you seeing yourself as positive towards others when you sell - focus is on the love for sales.


We talk about love and sales, because we define love as:

You can easily have love for the customer and make money at the same time. The two elements of sales are by no means each other's opposites.

Both money and love is an exchange which leaves both parties with the same or more than they each give.


Explore yourself. Travel into sales and do it with love together with SalesPilots.



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