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Free tools

Good advice

We mean it, when we say "selling is to help". That is why you have access to the free tools of The SalesPilots - absolutely free. Use anything you like. Enjoy!



Get the SalesPilots' best advice - click here!




Download Decision Facilitation - a tool to lead a decision process. Click here!




Get your "Pocket DiSC" right here - print it and use to assess the most likely behavioural type of the people, you meet.




Download our telephone guide - click here.


Analyses & tests

Download some of the many analyses and tools that we use - for inspiration, interest and action in sales.



Find your action plan - click here.




 Get your fast DiSC analysis right here!




Find out what takes / gives you energy, click here.



Get the JOHARI questions, when you click here.




What do you do? What should you be doing? Download Ought to do / do right here.


Folders etc.

Get our best folders and other tools below.


Download the folder "Understanding Types", a short introduktion to Marston & Jung's behavioural psychology - click here.



Pilots who fly real airplanes have many checklists to make sure the plane takes off, flies and lands safely. Pilots in sales also have checklists to ensure that your sales takes off.
A p
re-meeting checklist, during the meeting-checklist, and post-meeting checklist. Download your meeting-checklists here.




Get your CULI method right here.




Do you want more effective exhibitions? Download the exhibition folder here!




Reflect on your day using this!





Reflect on your week using this!


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