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Our world

You, sales and love

We give insight, inspiration and input for you and your relationship with sales and purchasing.
You will experience that human beings are always the target of our efforts, in close connection with science and research about sales, behavior and how they effect seller and buyer.
Most people see love and sales as opposites. At TheSalespilots love and sales coincide, because we define love as a relationship with respect, equality and the experience of mutual benefit.

To sell is to help

Sales is much more human than the past has mediated. Together with us you will discover how to save yourself from the hassle. You will get greater guaranteed results and you’ll make it easy for you to sell.
We use only healthy, proven, secure and loving mental and concrete methods and tools.
Our immodest goal is to create respect for sales as a profession and help you to be a happy seller. Once you understand and feel selling is helping, you will be glad = happy. Happy sales people get happy customers and happy customers return. 

The Universe:

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