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To manage or not to manage

We must assume that 99 percent of all leaders have the ambition to be the best possible leader to their employees. Especially since management is "to create results through people".


Even so, more than 70 percent of those who quit their jobs point at their boss and the mangement as the main cause for them leaving.


The (sales) manager must never be so mean that the colleagues quit. The manager must manage in a way that the employer never wants to quit because of the manager.


You therefore have to both be inspired and inspire your employees. You make this task easier for yourself together with us, because you always have access to new ideas, thoughts and ways of viewing management.

You and leadership

Many sales managers become leaders because they were excellent salespeople. Unfortunately, a good salesperson is never necessarily a good leader.


To have the insight as to how you lead people, you must have insight in yourself. You must never "be a leader". You have to be you, leading.


With SalesPilots, you, your sales and your leadership will take a journey that starts with you, then your employees and the journey ends the most important place for all sales leaders - at the customer. 


True sales management is to create sales through salespeople and continue doing so.

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