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You, sales and sales management

Many sales managers become sales managers because they were good sales people. Unfortunately, being a good salesman does not necessarily mean being a successful leader.

Together with The SalesPilots you, your sales and your sales management will take a journey that starts with you, then comes to your sales team and ends in the most important aspect of sales - the customer. Genuine sales leadership is to create sales through sales people, and continue to do so.

Come fly with us!

At The SalesPilots, you get insights, experience and experimental sales tools that will make you an even better sales manager ... and a person.

Come aboard and get a lot of good, solid and effective sales methods and tools with The SalesPilots.

Designed for you

Sales Management with The SalesPilots

We define sales management as "creating (sales) results through people." Managing people (and sales people) is a huge task because it requires equal parts of self-awareness and insight into people and their behavior. At The SalesPilots, we recognize that the abstract idea of sales management is so easy to understand although so difficult to carry out in practice. Therefore you always get concrete input to the ideas, feelings and actions of your sales management.

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