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1. A trade misunderstood and molested

    Seated at the dinner table the lady next to me ask the question “so what do you do?” and I reply “ I’m a salesman”. Most responses I get is along these lines…    “oh, how exciting, I could never be in sales, I think I am too honest and I am really bad at convincing people”   …or any more or less polite version of the above. Note the “too honest” and “really bad at convincing people” parts of the sentence.  Like the people I meet that state “Well, I am not really a salesperson, not with a capital ’S’”. What may come as a surprise is that a lot of these people are paid a salary for selling and have a titles like Key Account Manager or Senior Consultant. Not to mention all the self-employed people that insist they are not salespeople - they just love what they do.   The trade ...
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